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I went for a run today to clear my weary head
I was talking to our Lord, you know, the One with arms out spread

He said pay attention now and some light to you I’ll shed
So, I listened very closely and this is what He said

Let My works be seen in you
So that others will know that My Word is true

Give Me all of your heart, soul, strength and mind
Ten Times I will return to you, I am sure that you will find

Lean on my shoulder, I will take away your dread
Look at all My children, aren’t they richly fed?

You can rest assured, – My Son, He has been risen
And that I will always talk with you if you’ll only listen

Everything you have there is on loan
Don’t try to make that world your capstone

Your time on earth it is receding
But there are lessons you are still needing

To you I have a lot more to say
Open up My Book, – read, seek and pray

You know that My Word is a work of art
Place it firmly in your heart

I am the potter, and you are the clay
This do, then with you, I’ll have My way

I have a place prepared for you, where all things glisten
But first you have work to do, so continue, to listen

Cheyenne Lee


I wake up every day with the hope that I will lead one soul to Jesus and prompt others to take action to keep America free.